Wing Chun Kung Fu was created in China by a Buddhist nun over 250 years ago as a means of defending herself from larger, stronger attackers. She knew that she would not be able to match their size or strength and instead developed a system that utilizes speed, technique, reflexes, and an economy of motion.

Our program is designed to be realistic and effective in application, self-defense, and fighting. Wing Chun was developed specifically to address typical attacks from other martial art styles, as well as situations one might encounter on the street, including all manner of kicks, punches, grappling, locks, etc. In fact, the Wing Chun teaching system has been widely adopted by special forces units throughout Europe, including SEK of Germany, RAID of France, and NOCS of Italy.

Whether you’ve been doing martial arts your whole life or you’re a beginner, Wing Chun is easy to learn, safe, practical, and fun.

The following is a video of Sifu Bernd Wagner and students. While the video quality is low, it’s a good example of Wing Chun ‘in action’, including that it can be practiced effectively by both men and women, regardless of their size or the size of their opponent.